On a class of fractional \(p(\cdot,\cdot)-\)Laplacian problems with sub-supercritical nonlinearities





This paper is devoted to study a class of nonlocal variable exponent problems involving fractional \(p(\cdot,\cdot)\)-Laplacian operator. Under appropriate conditions, some new results on the existence and nonexistence of solutions are established via variational approach and Pohozaev's fibering method.


Fractional p(·, ·)-Laplacian operator , sub-supercritical nonlinearities , variational methods , Pohozaev’s fibering method

Mathematics Subject Classification:

35R11 , 35J60 , 35J35 , 35S15
  • Pages: 387–410
  • Date Published: 2023-12-21
  • Vol. 25 No. 3 (2023)

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